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Welcome to Green Phoenix

Let’s work together to achieve great things

Science has always been at the heart of what we do and we are looking to find new and exciting ways to engage with people of all ages and backgrounds to help to tackle some of Earths greatest challenges. Our love of science has always been fuelled by the possibility of nurturing and helping to create a more sustainable planet for everyone.
We have worked with schools, universities, special interest groups and individuals who share our goals and aspirations. Get in touch, get involved or support our work with a donation.

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for a Positive Future

  • Climate change and earth science research

  • Global collaboration and standardisation of scientific study

  • Practical wildlife conservation

  • Habitat creation and management

  • Low impact living in practise

  • Data collection and sharing

  • Wildlife and science workshops

  • Therapeutic outdoor experiences

  • Organic no dig micro farming

  • Music and artistic creations


Think Big. Act Bigger.

Coed Phoenix Nature Reserve

Coed Phoenix is a former Spruce plantation that with the help of more than 250 volunteers we have transformed into a mosaic of wildlife habitats. The woodland is gradually being restored to predominantly site-native woodland.

The site has hosted hundreds of volunteer days, wildlife and scientific workshops and tree planting events with more than 5000 trees planted over the last 10 years. The nature reserve is a fantastic space to relax, reconnect with yourself and nature or to attend one of workshops, courses or therapeutic sessions.


New Project

Really excited to be starting our new project, please watch the digi-ad if you have a minute and get in touch if you think we might be able to work together on something. It's a global project and is quite holistic in it's outlook so open to new suggestions and partnership possibilities.

NASA Globe Program

Excited about the next chapter for Green Phoenix with our new ‘Lotus’ project partnering with NASA.

Green Phoenix Patron

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Would you like to help? Donations are always welcomed and greatly appreciated. Would you like to volunteer? All are welcome whether novice, enthusiast or expert.