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Green Phoenix has operated as a not-for-profit social enterprise for more than ten years, working with hundreds of volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds. Our flagship project ‘Coed Phoenix’ is a woodland nature reserve situated on the edge of the Cambrian mountains in Wales.

Over the years we have delivered hundreds of free wildlife and ecology sessions almost all of which were managed by unpaid volunteers. Our scientific studies have been wide-ranging and the creation of resources such as field guides, spotter books, and wildlife reports have helped many of our volunteers to understand a great deal more about the world around them.

At the heart of our work is the recognition that humans have a need to engage with wild spaces and an understanding of how this can have a positive impact on the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

In an increasingly uncertain world, we have decided that our wild therapy based work should be given equal status to scientific studies.

We intend to begin a long-term scientific research programme, sharing our data with global communities and working with many more volunteers in order to achieve this. We are now forming a partnership with NASA and their excellent Globe programme which will allow us to contribute to a world-class scientific project involving more than 120 countries.


Scott RoeProject Coordinator
As a Member of The Chartered Institute of Ecology and environmental management,
The British Ecological Society and The British Dragonfly Society, Scott takes an active interest in ecological current affairs, legislation and political and social impacts.

Scott has written several books on wildlife and ecology including field guides, children’s spotter books, and species identification booklets. Scott currently runs
‘Vital Ecology’, a small ecological consultancy, and is working on books about off-grid living and ecological surveys as well as undertaking ecological research on British Dragonflies. He lives off-grid with his small family up in the hills near Machynlleth where they produce much of their own food and generate their own electric from a combination of solar, wind and water power.

Ancient tree survey techniques, Certificate in Habitat Management, Higher Education Diploma in Field and conservation ecology, Biosecurity training, Reed beds and Water management, Straw bale construction, Invasive and non-native species. Currently studying towards a BSc in Ecology at Aberystwyth University. Scott is an associate member of CIEEM.

Vital Ecology

Ruth RoeTrustee
Ruth Roe is a Primary school teacher working in Powys, with a Music specialism and a background in Art. She has been closely involved in the development of Coed Phoenix since the earliest days of searching for a site, helping to coordinate visiting educational groups both locally and from abroad, as well as being hands on with the graft of developing the nature reserve. Over the past ten years, she has attained both Food Hygiene and First Aid certificates to support her voluntary work at the woods. Last year she, with husband Scott and daughter Chenoa, gained recognition for the success of Coed Phoenix, both for nature and for people, at the WCVA Awards Cymru.

Over the past ten years, she has attained both Food Hygiene and First Aid certificates to support her voluntary work at the woods. Last year, she, with husband Scott and daughter Chenoa, gained recognition for the success of Coed Phoenix, both for nature and for people, at the WCVA Awards Cymru.

Jenny PrescottTrustee
Jenny is a qualified, experienced Integrative Counsellor and registered Member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy).

Currently working in a private counseling practice with adults using an integrative approach as well as working with children one-to-one and in groups, where she uses a creative therapeutic approach, via art, play and movement therapy in order to facilitate expression and communication not necessarily achievable through words only.

“I have a keen interest in environmental matters and believe our society’s increasing detachment from nature is one of the prominent causes of rising occurrences of mental illness. I feel strongly that developing an enhanced connection with the “realness” of our environment is extremely beneficial for well-being as well as safeguarding the future of our planet.”

Jenny Prescott Counselling

Martin CopeTrustee
Martin has specialised in therapeutic programmes for disadvantaged people since becoming a state registered professional dramatherapist in 2003. Martin is the founder and managing clinical director of The Hiraeth Institute 2007 to date, an association of professional practitioners providing therapy, psychiatry, and psychology interventions across the country.

Martin has represented his profession nationally and was government advisor for the allied health professions between 2006 and 2013. Martin has trained and practiced as a forest schools level 3 practitioner and is the private owner of a 54-acre coniferous woodland which is being converted into a nature reserve and outdoor therapeutic centre.

He brings to the charity both directly and in partnership with his company, his experience in business strategy, training, and the development of emotional and social progression for the benefit of volunteers and beneficiaries.

Martin’s keen interest in the relationship between ecological development and human development led him to become the Powys coordinator of Tir Coed, the Welsh charity and social enterprise that engages people with woodlands through volunteering, training, and bespoke activities that develop skills and improve woodlands for the benefit of everyone.

The Hiraeth Institute

John KennedyTrustee
Former Head of English at a Secondary school in Birmingham.

John has been volunteering at Coed Phoenix nature reserve since 2011 and has braved all weathers to contribute large amounts of time to tree planting, cabin building, wildlife surveys and a whole lot more besides.

Andrew RobertsTrustee
Andy’s professional background is in music where he has assumed numerous roles such as marketing, PR, promoting, programming, artist management, and performance. Andy Roberts is excited to be working with Green Phoenix to learn more about how small steps made by can lead to significant changes in our immediate environment and also globally.
Chenoa RoeCreative Advisor
Chenoa has been involved with Coed Phoenix nature reserve all of her life and learnt to walk on the uneven tracks around the site! Over the years, Chenoa has contributed in many ways with tree planting, running wildlife workshops, species identification, event management and graph design advice.

Musical performances have been many and wide-ranging including busking on the streets to raise money for her “White Dove Foundation”, competing in the Eisteddfod and singing with Tangerine youth choir at the LG Arena in Birmingham.

Chenoa is a welsh speaker, lover of reading, music, art and wild spaces.

Bron Yr Aur
Machynlleth SY20 8QA

07826 086 549


Would you like to help? Donations are always welcomed and greatly appreciated. Would you like to volunteer? All are welcome whether novice, enthusiast or expert.